De la Facebook la teorii despre evoluţia comportamentului uman – detalii în revista presei

Facebook’s Telescope on Human Behavior

The leader of the social network’s efforts to mine its piles of data says the effort can help explain why people act as they do.

Technology Review MIT (click pentru a citi articolul)


15 ideas on improving the university experience for overseas students

International students are important for the financial health and diversity of universities. Our live chat panel suggest ways to ensure students in turn get the most from the experience.

 The Guardian (click aici pentru a citi articolul)


The future of learning and teaching in higher education

Higher education is facing its biggest shakeup in 50 years. But will this improve the quality of teaching and the student experience, asks Janet Murray.

The Guardian (click pentru a citi articolul)


Online Learning

Learn more about resources available to help develop a successful online education program at your institution.

The Chronicle Of Higher Education (click pentru detalii)

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