Idei, gânduri şi citate pentru absolvenţi – detalii în revista presei

How to Be Important After Graduation

Graduation is always a joyful time. For the students, a lot of hard work has paid off. And for many parents, a lot of hard paying off has worked. So I’d like to share a few commencement remarks.

The Huffington Post (click aici pentru a citi în continuare)


10 things every graduate should know before they start job hunting

Despite lower salaries, more unpaid positions and a recession, it’s not all doom and gloom for graduate jobseekers

The Guardian (click pentru a citi articolul)


The Benefits of Making It Harder to Learn

Why do unfamiliar fonts and other „desirable difficulties” produce better retention of course content?

The Chronicle Of Higher Education (click pentru a citi articolul)


Thousands of EU students owe £20 million in unpaid loans but just nine have been taken to court

Foreign students owe millions of pounds in unpaid student loans – yet only nine have been taken to court to recover the debts.

The Telegraph (click pentru a citi articolul)

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