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How governments can help forge research relationships

Despite differences between sovereign states, groundbreaking research is only possible with global co-operation and governments can help, says Brian Dean

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The role of higher education in creating sustainable leaders

Tomorrow’s leaders need to see organisations as complete systems and understand how individual actions impact across the board. What role does higher education play in this?

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Faculty Role in Admissions

It’s time for professors to take a stand against the reliance on standardized tests, writes Joseph Soares.

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Study: Collegiate focus on independence a disadvantage for first-gen students

Colleges focusing on independence might be inadvertently harming first-generation students who favor collaboration, a new study contends.

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What They Didn’t Teach You in Graduate School 2.0

Many doctoral students have only the vaguest concept of what it’s like to work in the academic world. Here’s what you need to know.

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Dezbatere, opinii

Debate: Should College Be for Everyone?

This week, the Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said that it was snobbish to think that everyone should aspire to go to college because some people have skills and interests that aren’t academic. But is enough done to help those people secure income without higher education? Is the value of a college degree exaggerated? If not, are colleges doing enough to help disadvantaged students, and others, succeed?

The New York Times (click pentru a citi despre dezbatere)


Where the Jobs Are, the Training May Not Be

As state funding has dwindled, public colleges have raised tuition and are now resorting to even more desperate measures – cutting training for jobs the economy needs most.

The New York Times (click pentru a citi articolul)

Slideshow: 2012 MIT Excellence Awards

Nineteen individuals and three teams were honored on Tuesday, Feb. 28, during this year’s MIT Excellence Awards. The awards acknowledge the extraordinary efforts made by members of the MIT community toward fulfilling the goals, values and mission of the Institute.


MIT News (click aici pentru detalii)


Swimming through the blood stream: Stanford engineers create wireless, self-propelled medical device.

For 50 years, scientists searched for the secret to making tiny implantable devices that could travel through the bloodstream. Engineers at Stanford have demonstrated just such a device. Powered without wires or batteries, it can propel itself though the bloodstream and is small enough to fit through blood vessels.

Stanford University News (click pentru a citi articolul)

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